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lifestyle change and weight management

Our lifestyle change/weight management consultations will focus on all pillars of your health and wellbeing - nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and mindset. 


We'll take a deep dive into each area and focus on the space/s that are important to you. We'll set goals and chat through strategies, ultimately leaving you feeling empowered and in control of making life changes. 

These sessions are also suitable for management of long term health conditions

women's health

No matter which stage of life you're in, we're here to help! We're experts in prenatal, pregnancy, postnatal and menopausal nutrition.

We also work with women to shift ingrained diet mentalities, remove unhealthy focuses on the scales, improve body confidence, and bring back self love! 

gut health 

We'll help you to make lifestyle changes to improve your specific digestive condition - be that IBS, IBD, food intolerances, or general digestive health. During these sessions, we'll focus largely on helping you to improve your symptom management whilst making sure you're not eliminating unnecessary food from your lifestyle. 

*As Monash trained FODMAP dietitians, we're also qualified to support individuals to undertake a low FODMAP diet. 

paediatric fussy eating/ food aversions

We know how stressful it can be when your little ones aren't getting the nutrients they need for optimal growth and development. 

Throughout our sessions, we'll undertake a nutrition assessment to gauge what your child is eating and better understand if they're meeting their recommended nutrient requirements. We'll also provide you with new tools and strategies to reduce stress at meal times, establish a positive eating environment for your child/children and increase their variety of accepted foods.  

paediatric food allergies

We'll help you to manage your little one's food allergies and ensure they're meeting their nutrition requirements for optimal growth and development.

You'll leave our sessions with meal ideas and new tools/strategies to know what to look out for in food products as well as ensuring you feel in control of your child's allergy. 

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