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Healthy food

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I couldn’t be more grateful for Mel and The Wellness Studio!


After accepting that perhaps I’d just have to always live with gut issues and feeling uncomfortable, Mel was able to identify what was causing issues and why. She helped me to discover easy alternatives and educated me about the food I put into my body on a daily basis and how it will make me feel.


The improvement in how I’m feeling is massive and I now feel equipped with the knowledge of how foods effect my body.


I couldn’t recommend Mel enough, and if you’ve been thinking for a while that you need to explore your health and wellness, I promise you The Wellness Studio will be invaluable!

Sophie, Christchurch

Mel listened and empathised with where I was at and my priorities.


Through her expertise I have gotten to know own my body more. This has felt liberating as I had been struggling with a recent diagnosis of PCOS and IBS.


It no longer feels like my body is working against me. 

Happy Woman

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Monique, Auckland

Happy Woman

Thank you for all your support and advice to better feed our family especially around kids and their intolerances.


Mel you are always friendly and happy to share recipes, tips and tricks.

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