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Banana Berry Smoothie Blocks

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

With 125mg of calcium and at least one serve of your 5+ a day (per ice block!), these smoothie blocks are bursting with goodness! A fun afternoon snack for the kids (or yourself!) in the hot summer heat!


  • 1 large banana

  • 1 punnet fresh strawberries or raspberries (frozen berries also work fine!)

  • 500g Greek yoghurt/ acidophilus yoghurt


  1. Remove heads from strawberries, wash edible part of strawberries/raspberries to remove any excess dirt

  2. Add berries, banana and yoghurt to blender and blitz until smooth

  3. Pour into ice block moulds

  4. Set in freezer for at least 6hrs (we left ours overnight!)

Makes 6 ice blocks


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